The Diversity of Modernism: Thematic Focus for 2019


Docomomo US Staff


Advocacy, Annual Theme, Diversity of Modernism
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The American urban and suburban landscapes saw dramatic changes to the built environment post WWII. From the way we lived, to how we worked, shopped and played, many unknown regional minority and female architects played a vital role in the development of our communities. For as much as is known about the contributions of major architects such as Johnson, Breuer, Wright and Kahn, the contributions of regional minority and female architects to our built heritage is vast and yet largely unknown. 


As midcentury buildings and sites have become increasingly endangered, Docomomo US and its chapters have become more aware of sites designed by minority and female architects, landscape architects, designers, and engineers. In many cases, very little information is known about the designer or their design legacy.  


This year as we head to Hawaii to understand Mixed Modern and the blending of cultures and design, we recognize the need for advanced study and outside scholarly insight to frame the material, lives and buildings of regionally significant minority and female designers.  Docomomo US looks forward to casting light on the significance and plight of these sites throughout 2019 through articles, Tour Day, the National Symposium, and focused Explore Modern entries. We encourage and welcome your insight and participation.