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Liz Waytkus


Docomomo US staff


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If there is one industry that defines the mid-century, it’s Travel and Leisure.

Whether hitting the road by car or jetting off to exotic locations, modern ideals and aesthetics can be found just about everywhere you look. As we begin 2021 with some cautious optimism, Docomomo US is excited to explore what we have been missing in 2020. With the travel industry heavily impacted because of the pandemic, this is also an opportunity to help a stuggling sector of the economy while delving into some of the great architecture, landscapes, sites, and stories of our modern travel heritage. 

The Travel and Leisure theme can be approached in a number of different ways and highlighted through a vast number of topics intertwined with this theme:

  • Motels to Hotels (this article about hotel atriums is a great place to start)
  • The diverse array of travel amenities from diners to roadside attractions

  • Theaters

  • Local, State, and National Parks

  • Resources from the 1970s (keeping last year’s theme alive!)

  • Travel stories

  • Travel movies

  • Travel resources, including the Green Book

  • Restaurants – see this recent article from the New York Times on reclaiming the Tiki Bar

How You Can Participate

  • Engage with your local Docomomo US chapter. Our regional chapters will be planning virtual events for the spring and summer and Tour Day events for the fall around the annual theme. If there's no chapter in your area, contact us at to start one.
  • Submit a site related to the Travel & Leisure theme for inclusion on the Explore Modern Register.
  • If you've written on this topic or have an idea for an article, we welcome submissions for publication on our website and in our newsletter. 
  • And make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to read these articles! Two special edition summer newsletters will explore the theme more in depth.
  • We are all jonesing to get back on the road, but until then we will settle for seeing your photos on social media! Tag us @docomomous and use the hashtag #midcenturytravel