The Docomomo International Journal is now open source


Michele Racioppi


Docomomo US staff


Web resource, Docomomo International
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The Docomomo International Journal is now available online as an open access resource. 

Following the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that closed libraries, bookstores, schools, universities and learning spaces all overs the world, Docomomo International endeavored to transform the Docomomo Journal into an open source format, making all its contents available online to readers.

There current website has been restructured to reflect this change. Since open source is one of the requirements demanded by the most demanding and effective scientific indexing systems – SCOPUS and Web of Science – Docomomo International took the time to complete the necessary conditions for indexing, such as the creation of DOIs (digital object identifiers) ​​for all published content.

Docomomo International intends to submit the application of the Docomomo Journal to SCOPUS and the Web of Science, and to Google Scholar, so that the results of the research carried out by Docomomo International might have a greater reach, be integrated in the most modern digital systems research, and have a greater and more effective contribution to developments related to the preservation of modernism.

The print version of the Docomomo Journal will still be available to Docomomo US members with an International level membership or above.