New Haven Symposium 2023: Photo Recap


Nathaniel Valenza


Docomomo US Staff


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New Haven Symposium 2023: Photo Recap

Every year, the Symposium goes by faster than we think. As the dust settles, we finally have some time to reflect on the many wonderful moments that we experienced with our friends, colleagues, teachers and mentors. By no means a complete account, these are some of our favorite images that we captured this year. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we did!

A big thank you to everyone who lit up our social media with your images of the event. We have some amazing photographers in our ranks, and we've tried to share as many of you as possible. Your contributions are so meaningful and keep our work alive, so please keep it up! 


Timothy Rohan, Karen DuBois-Walton, and Mandi Isaacs Jackson welcomed us in a discussion of urban communities and the impact of urban renewal. 

We met over drinks to celebrate the Symposium in a glowing pearl of modern architecture. 


What better location to debate the merits of modernism? Thank you to everyone who spoke, and everyone who listened. 

So maybe you've attended a symposium before, but did it have Sally's? 

We had a host of unique opportunities this year. No matter what tour you attended, I hope you were able to see something new. Mini-cesca chairs, anyone?  

It was a beautiful night to look out on the water, and see some rare works from Tony Smith. 


Thank you for all of your smiling faces! See you again next year!

And, of course, our photographers: Michael Biondo, Harold Shapiro, Robert Coolidge, and our very own, Liz Waytkus.