Instagram Project Aims to Put Modernism on the Map


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Down in Texas, a special collaboration is brewing to map modernism around the state. modTEXASHouston Mod, Docomomo US/Mid Tex Mod, and Docomomo US/NTX have joined forces to invite participants to seek-out subjects on a monthly theme using the #modtexas tag.


There is a diversity of modernist architecture across the state, yet these treasures are being lost at an alarming rate due to neglect and redevelopment. While many preservation and architecture societies are active regionally, this initiative brings them together in a shared mission of highlighting Texas’ trove of midcentury assets.


January’s theme is Municipal Buildings (e.g. post offices, libraries, city halls); future categories will include Car Culture, Brutalism, and Commerce.


The Docomomo Chapters of Texas see the real goals of the project as follows:

  • use Instagram to crowd-source the identification & celebration of modernist architecture;
  • promote the efforts of Docomomo & other preservation institutions working in Texas;
  • engage & build their respective followers & membership bases; and
  • highlight Texas’ trove of midcentury assets for natives & visitors to enjoy.


If your chapter would like to participate in Putting Modernism on the Map, contact Docomomo US ( for an introduction to the project organizers and the monthly themes selected for 2019.


And don’t forget to follow the #modtexas hashtag to see what they uncover!


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