11th International DOCOMOMO Conference, Mexico City 2010


Call for papers
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  11th International

 docomomo conference
 Living the Urban Modernity
   UAM (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)
   UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
 Mexico City, August 13-25 2010
 Call for Papers: to be submitted online at docomomomexico2010@gmail.com  September 15th, 2009!
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Eleventh International Docomomo Conference
Living in the Urban Modernity
Mexico City, August 19–27, 2010
The rapid growth of urban areas from cities to metropolis in the twentieth century created a favorable environment for establishing a discourse on modern architecture. The advancement of technology and the introduction of new materials, which brought about new forms of expression, were not the only triggers for transformation. Concerns for wellbeing, such as hygiene, education, health, leisure and the right to work were also fundamental in shaping buildings and cities, leading to innovative architectural proposals within the framework of a diverse urban structure.

Call for Papers and Case Studies
For the 2010 Docomomo Conference, Docomomo Mexico proposes to analyze the different elements that transformed the city and its architecture.
Architects, researchers, historians and other parties in the process of preservation, conservation, renovation or transformation of modern towns and buildings are invited to investigate on the manifold challenges and dilemmas posed by living the urban modernity.
Original papers are invited for submission under the following sub-themes:
(1) Modern Living
(2) Civic and Social Infrastructure
(3) The Modern City
(4) Technology for a Modern Habitat
(5) The University City
 March 2009: Call for papers
 September 15, 2009: Deadline for abstracts
 November 10, 2009: Notification of acceptance
 March 1st 2010: Deadline first version full paper
 April 10, 2010: Deadline final version full paper
 August 13-20, 2010: Workshop
 August 20-25, 2010: Conference
 Read the complete Call for Papers here.
11th International
docomomo conference
Living the Urban Modernity
UAM (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana) UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
Mexico City, August 13-25 2010