Chicago PoMo

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From owls as ornament to glassy spaceship-adjacent civic buildings, Chicago’s postmodern heritage is a fabulous mix of structures that reject the city’s architectural inheritance to embrace new forms and challenge the established norms of how a building expresses itself and its function. Off the radar of traditional historic preservation practice, postmodernism in Chicago is young, fun and radical.

This combination bus and walking tour will explore works across Chicago by Stanley Tigerman, Hammond Beeby and Babka, Harry Weese and others, and will also include an excursion to the James R. Thompson Center given by the newly formed James R. Thompson Center Historical Society.

This tour will start and end at UIC Academic and Residential Complex. 

Tour leader: Elizabeth Blasius
Duration: 4 hours
Capacity: 30

You must be registered for the Chicago Symposium to sign up for this tour. Guests can add tours during the registration process or later via links found in the registration confirmation email. Individual tickets will be made available to those not registered for the Symposium four weeks prior to the event.