Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies: Lafayette Park, Detroit

Danielle Aubert, Lana Cavar and Natasha  Chandani, editors
New York, NY: Metropolis Books, 2012

The image of Pruitt-Igoe has dominated much of  the discussion about public housing in the last 4 or so decades as an example  of failed architecture. The recent documentary about that St. Louis project and  now this new publication about Lafayette Park in Detroit have begun to cast a  different view. Unlike Pruitt-Igoe, Lafayette Park, the work of Ludwig Mies van  der Rohe, Ludwig Hilbersheimer and Alfred Caldwell was and is a successful  project. The complex, which in its initial plan was to be much larger, consists  of high rises, townhouses and a variety of amenities. Aside from the buildings  designed by Mies other structures were added to the design of mostly Michigan  architects. Gunnar Birkerts building across the street, 1300 Lafayette East is  often considered part of this development. The book, which includes plans and  detailed information about the different structures, gives through interviews  with residents and occupants provides a glimpse into how the project evolved  and why it remains successful today.

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